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.Plan, April 1, 2005,
More of a stocktake than a plan, Contrary to popular believe I've not been completely idle with ltktbm. Beta testers currently have access to version 1.8 release 4 alpha 16 which is looking more and more like a promising release candidate for version 1.9. I would also like to point you to This post in the developer section, down at the bottom it has some important infomation regarding my plans for future releases.

.Plan, October 2, 2004,
OK, so one or two people may be wondering whats been happening, well, I haven't gone anywhere other than moved 30 odd miles west to start the Accounting and Computer Science degree at liverpool university, so thought I'd better put up something of how this most eventfull week has progressed, what the current situation is, and where I go from here:

I'm here, Im more or less settled in, my room is very comfortable, plenty of space, and not only do I have among the highest speeds of internet access for the next year, but my uni filespace has 200MB of space which can be made available via the www (read; no more trouble getting test releases out).

This semester, at first glance looks fairly laid back, although I have to state, given that I'm forking out all this cash for this course I plan on coming out with a 1st, this is my top priority, it sucks because I would absolutely love to concentrate a large portion of time to this and the other projects that have been taking up my time, but uni work must take priority over everything else, so, as has been so well spelled out in my first few microeconomics lectures, Time is one commodity I dont really have, you'd be surprised how even the smallest things can escalate to consume large amounts of it, but given my recent improvements in general planning I should still be able to progress stuff quite nicely.

The openAL audio engine: Theres been some great improvements here in the general code and integration into the engine. The first day here I spoke to the Computer Science department regarding any advice they could give regarding licensing this little buet similarily to FMOD; They basically came back with it being a great idea, but also attempted to [b]steal[/b] it. No way I'm letting this happen. However it has been suggested that Business Link may be able to provide finance, assistance and support. I still need to investigate this further. More updates to follow.

AI: I didn't even mention any of the AI stuff I've been doing given the above and recent research has led me to believe even more strongly that Im onto a serious winner with this one, this means its been pushed back on the priority list even further for now. I have however made some small improvements since the last release, and will complete the integration into gamplay for the recently added M16/M203.

LTKTBM/General Engine: Theres been many leaps and bounds since the last release, mostly all the stuff I wanted to hold back on for the last release so I could bundle it all into one release and give some real 'shock factor'. Its unfortunatley looking like its going to be another week or so before I can get my linux box over here for finishing the nix openal engine, theres also the engine generic content release to compile (no more linkfile dependance in the package), now I've got all this extra server space putting this lot up for evaluation is going to be alot easier, it is however going to be at least a week or so before I can get any decent time into doing this. There may be a windows alpha release of the recent work available shortly for beta testers to evaluate.

General: This semesters CS module is java based, so not much programming I can do in the way of ltktbm, however the focus on software developement techniques has given me some good ideas on how to develope the TBM_AI sdk and also openAL engine documentation. The microeconomics module has, surprisingly a lot to contribute to the AI as a whole, and I already have some new ideas on future developements for it. The accounting module is, well, accounting...

.Plan, July 2, 2004,
Many developement enhancements have been taking place recently, and I'm probably going to be following a similar pattern for some time to come.
Since February I've been working on the Cisco CCNA syllabus and have recently finished the final semester (short of a practical and voucher exam) along with the Cisco IT essentials 1 & 2.
Quite a bit of work has been going into another project for developing the skeletal stuff, and theres lots of linux stuff to come.

.Plan, April 8, 2004,
Time has been extremely limited recently, but still, ltktbm goes on. Bugfixing and spring cleaning are the name of the game, along with a small demo app for for the q2a3d audio engine. With time being so limited actually implimenting the tbm_ai sdk has proven impossible for now, although my future plans for the whole tbm ai engine nessessitate its completion, its still remains disjointed from the overall package it will be upon completion. however several recent developements have been added to the specification. A big one of these is a 'map AI compiler'. route generation is already automated to the point of making good routes relatively simple, the map compiler will build on this to make the entire process automated, along with outputting relevent data for the sound engines environment files, and ensuring realistic area definitions for the AMP-G2 tables.

.Plan, September 2, 2003,
With the release of 1.7b much of the initial work and developement is now out of the way, however as always, there is still much todo. 1.8 internal testing has already begun, and structure for the bot SDK (now known as TBM_AI SDK) has been finalized and decided. much of this SDK will focus on two aspects, pathfinding and AI choices. Although, to date, much of LTKTBM's developement has focus'd on simulating a multiplayer game within a single player environment, the TBM_AI SDK is looking like it will focus more on providing customizable 'monsters' that can be added in game with little or no impact on the multiplayer environment. Much of the game engine is now finalized, and whilst there are still some areas I would really like to see improved (clientside skeletal animation is one of the things we've been talking about in the past, along with further developement on the network encryption) most engine developement will, for now, probably focus on bux fixes and optimizations. So, as everything stands at the moment 1.8 will be more of a single player content release, fixes and optimizations.

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