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Todays great discovery, mSparks, May 10, 2007
Knowing the future is useless, the importance is how we get there. In this respect it doesn't even matter if we can change it.

Just three exams of my degree left, with one of them tommorrow, LTBTBM is coming on a storm, and with the demise of the examination period I may actually get the forums back up, just be sure it will all be done and it will be good.

I would also like to direct your attention to a blog I've been watching on and off for over a year now:
Riverbend Baghdad Burning its (apparently) by an anonymous girl who lives in baghdad, giving a slightly different perspective of whats actually happening than that of our manipulative and alternate agenda media. To her, I wish you luck, good health and a safe journey. Please remember it is not 'America' or the 'UK' it is obscene individuals who go by the names of Labour, Neoconservatives and other 'elite' groups who rule our countries the same way Baghdad is being run today.

To all those who 'cheered' Saddams death I pray, with hindsight, you see that murder takes you to only one place, and its not very nice.
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Site Maintenance, mSparks, February 9, 2007
Due to a major hardware failure in January at our ISP, our forums are currently offline. I have recently fixed login and logout for existing site members, but you cant register until I get time to bring the forums back up (which will be a switch to the latest version of phpBB).

At the same time, Im probably going to bring in advertisements for unregistered, non contributing members.
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New Music, mSparks, December 12, 2006
I am pleased, and proud to announce that we have 8 NEW music tracks by Martha and Harris available for download. All absolutely fantastic tunes and well worth sticking on repeat to learn every single word.

You can listen to a sample courtesy of Moddb
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Why you should be an admin., mSparks, October 19, 2006
I'd be very interested to hear the reasons why [b:f43002a18d]You[/b:f43002a18d] should be an admin of the forums and content here, What sort of things would you like to see hosted (or host) on an advert free, fully script supported site.

Please send all (confidential) comments here
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new .plan, mSparks, October 12, 2006
Ive revised the .plan slightly, to better reflect the current state of affairs and direction I expect the project to take.
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