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LTKTBM Lite, mSparks, September 27, 2006
For those who haven't visited the downloads page recently. I've added a download for LTKTBM Lite, as fully featured as the full installer, but with only 1 map and player model. Please feel free to download, mirror, share and generally chat about it. If you feel like making some routes for some of the other AQ2 maps, I will grant full access to the site for any (decent) submissions. Please let me know if you have any problems with it, Its been fully tested and I haven't spotted anything, but I'm sure there'll be something (it nearly went out with both teams defined with the same skin!!).
Get the installer here (login required)
After install, to get right in and play, just click the quickplay link (I have seen a bug, similar to the linux one where this doesn't work first time, if you see an error meesage - mine was cant find map "N" - just quit and run the link again).
You may also want to Grab openAL and select the openAL audio engine from the options menu.
I prefere disabling point particles from the video menu, but thats a matter of choice.
If your graphics card can handle triple texturing, enable it from the video menu, it adds some nice effects to the water and other reflective surfaces.
You may also want to read the
getting started guide in the docs
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bit quite round here, mSparks, September 23, 2006
LTKTBM has taken a bit of a back seat for the last couple of months, mostly through summer work and some very finacially rewarding TBM_AI work, I did today however find one of the most entertaining stories to date:

One million ways to die

And the answer? - if your bored with all this terrorism nonsense, stop watching it, change channel, visit another site, find yourself something educational or just a good book to read.
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Contact, Slashn64, August 13, 2006
If you would like to contact any of the LTKTBM staff, please join our IRC at #LTKTBM
or, more convienently, press the IRC tab at the right hand of your screen =)
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Shiney new Linux, mSparks, August 9, 2006
My new box is almost set up, ill probably put some more detail in the interim news while things start moving, but I've some nice screen shots that will get you all drooling for linux, still a bit of setup todo with some of the messaging services I use and transfering all my email to thunderbird should be fun (some archived 30 odd thousand messages B) ) but Im up to the point where developement can continue while I get to play with shiney new toys.

Long live nix!!

On a side note, after almost 7 years on and off of using mandrake (99 was my first installation)- now known as mandriva , I've now switched to Fedora Core 5, apart from the obvious linux twiddles its far more polished and has much better support. This was one of the reasons setup took slightly longer, since Fedora doesn't come with NTFS support out of the box and my unfimiliarity with the changes on fedora over mandrake finding my way around the maze was a little harder. That and trying 4 different installations before finally going back to Fedora.
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to err is human,, mSparks, July 26, 2006
Sad to totally f##k things up requires a computer! Sad

So my harddrive has gone to hardrive heaven.....

its been a while since I did a full backup.....


hopefully not to much LTKTBM stuff is gone, I still have the latest installer packages, build scripts and content.

The next week or so is going to be on damage limitation, along with bringing up a full list of everything thats gone, I have a horrible feeling I've lost the latest code thats in 1.9 for the engine and game dll (although I'm not sure how old the backup I have is, but most of the work from 1.8RC3 -> 1.9 was content related which hasn't been lost.

we'll see, wish me luck; a very, very sad mSparks
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