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Exponential Times, mSparks, June 1, 2011
A long, long while ago, under the TBM_AI description I wrote:
Currently, no LTBTBM distribution will be able to take place, untill the next generation of distributable media is well established, the base data for the LTBTBM project to function correctly currently occupies around 60GB, once you start taking additional data collection and processing into consideration this is expected to grow to many Terrabytes. For this reason the LTBTBM core design is part of a distributed system, gaining fast, secure and reliable access to this data has been the focus of the design for the past year or two.

Well, things have moved on somewhat since then, since the counter started on the top of every page on this website, the TBM_AI knowledge base is now shooting rapidly towards 2TB, and much of the really cool stuff is still to go live, TBM_AI based products and services have found their way into numerous nooks and crannies, and I've started to make sound progress on my PHD write up.

This year has been intense, the various aspects of the LTBTBM project development has taken up so much of my time I've managed to squeeze in barely enough time to consider LTKTBM. To the point I now consider the full TBM_AI framework to have reached RC status - only it's not going to be "released", after all, most people don't even have 2TB total storage on their machines, let alone their own storage area network and the power crazed server rack required for optimal usage.

Also, new .plan in the works, and yes, the water engine is still on it.
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emule 1.7Beta1, mSparks, May 18, 2011
Someone put up the 1.7beta files on emule. I haven't virus checked it and all those disclamers, but you can get it at:
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Welcome to 2011!, mSparks, January 6, 2011
Been an interesting few years tbh, feel a bit guilty I've not given LTKTBM more time, certainly want to finish a "gold" release this year, with all the Q2 maps, textures and routes so AQ2 can never die. Yes, I know there are still some very active AQ2 communities, but the scene is nothing like it was.. We all got old, married, some are even parents now.
Most of my time has been spent parallel developing the LTBTBM backbone with other projects (currently researching for a PHD..), most of that is now complete and I'm thinking I may leave the 1.9 codebase where it is. Its stable, works well and captures most of AQ2. I've looked at various options to move forward: integrating AQ2:TNG, some kind of new generation gfx engine (bringing in the jitspoes menu & my water code, with the now essential Linux build - rather than using wine like I do now), but it is just so much work and I'm not convinced they would add much.
Right now I'm thinking a 1.95 Final Gold release of LTKTBM. Then shift focus here onto LTBTBM.
One of the main reasons I've not been able to do more on LTKTBM is the LTBTBM stuff has been running nearly 24/7 for the past few years on my development machine, which has meant there has been little to no opportunity to do any other developement, so much so that the only games I've played on the PC for what seems like forever is LTKTBM and a neat flash game called Xantrolex, not helped by a drought of playable titles with Linux dual monitor support.
However, that's all shifted onto its own super sexy server rack now (there should be a ltktbm server going up on that eventually, as long as it doesn't interfere with my ps3 COD gaming, in which case it will have to wait until I get a second Broadband line installed), So, 2011 is the year I get my computer back from the (semi) evil clutches of TBM so I can do some more varied development.
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Bit of cleaning, mSparks, September 12, 2010
The world went and changed on us. At least that's what it feels like. Been so long since I did anything really serious on here, yet when I think back to how much of my life it consumed......
These days my life is mostly consumed with LTBTBM stuff, gradually working my way towards something that resembles a release. I'm on the look out for an engine which can support large maps and decent player modelz. Needs to be cross platform (got a windows machine -Laptop- for the first time in years the other month, not sure how long it will stay that way, but Windows 7 seems OK), don't mind Java (JMonkeyEngine looks promising).
Quakesrc seems to be dead and gone.
Long live QuakeDev:
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Yeah I deleted lots of things I shouldn't have., mSparks, July 24, 2010
Not sure where the news posts contents went, but they are gone.
No great loss just a little annoying.
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